Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Tote Bag

I bought this pattern, Mini Bow Tucks by Penny Sturges, about a year ago on a trip to Pennsylvania. It came in a kit with all the material. I put it away and forgot all about it until last weekend and finally finished it this weekend!

I even have enough material left over to make a wallet to match. It was a very easy pattern to read and might have to make more for Christmas gifts.

I'd like to make a Schnibbles quilt, but need to find patterns for them first. None of the quilt stores around here have ever heard of them!


  1. What a very pretty color combination. I have this pattern and like it, too. It is very easy. :) Yours looks great. Laurie, please let me know when your bag arrives at your house from the swap. I am chasing a couple of bags yet.

  2. You'll have to look on line lots of stores have them and ship very reasonable.