Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Lion

This is my nephew, Gavin, who is 2 yrs old. I went yesterday and spent the day with him and Mommy and she wanted to get him in this Lion costume. Well, at first, it didn't go so well. I had to sit in on my lap and she quickly put it on. Once on..he was in the "lion" mode and pretending to make lion noises! He loved it! I wonder if he'll put in on for Halloween! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Been Busy!

It's been awhile since I've posted. Been busy doing things around here. I've made more purses for Christmas gifts - (can't show pics..people will be peeking)!, and some tote bags.

Carol, Nina and myself went to Mohegan Sun (casino) yesterday for a day of fun! Both of them hadn't been to the casino before so it was an eye-opening experience for them. We came home with money in our pockets, but did leave a few dollars at the casino!

Jared didn't come home this weekend from college. It was homecoming weekend so he stayed to join in the festitivies. John and Kaylee went and saw him yesterday to watch the college football game with him. He loves college life so far!

Well, I should get some chores done and I have another purse on my sewing machine that I should finish sewing. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Postcard Swap

Here are my postcards I received from the postcard swap! Aren't they awesome! This one is from Care from Utah! How fun is the measuring tape! This one is from Marilyn, also from Utah! I've never made them before and it was alot of fun! Thank you both for the goodies!
Yesterday, I found a new quilt shop in Townsend called Cobblestone Quilts! Oh, Gosh! I couldn't decide what to get. I could have gotten one of everything. So I came away with these goodies. Hmm...I wonder what I"ll make!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sewing & Things

Alot has been happening around here. First, I found this pattern on Madebyrae blog and loved them. Small purses that are perfect for running to do errands, etc. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas! Love the pear fabric. These are the blocks are received from the Christmas Swap Block hosted by ModernJax. What fun! I received six blocks in total. So I'll make a few then probably do a small wallhanging or a table runner for the holidays.
Then I made a few American Girl Doll dresses for my niece, Addison. She loves dressing up her doll.

Yesterday, Mylo went for his "operation"! He doesn't look happy in his cone. He'll have to wear that for a week until he has his stitches removed.

Hope everyone has a super day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Men in my Life

Jared has been gone to college now two weeks. He's coming home this weekend because he has to work on Saturday at Dicks. Can't wait to see him. I told him I would make his favorites for dinner. The food at college isn't that good and his stomach hasn't been agreeing with it.

The other guy, John, is very sick with a cold. He never gets sick so he came home early to sleep. He wants to get better for the weekend. While he is was sleeping and Kay was at school I made some very beleted birthday presents for my sister Bren and her daugther, Jessica. I would show you pics, but I have this feeling Bren would peek! I'll have to wait until next week!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quiet Weekend

This is my nephew, Gavin, who turned two! Here's apic from his birthday day. Sorry its so blurry. He's looking at a new puzzle he got from Grammie Lee! This guy stayed at college for the weekend as he doesn't have the holiday off. He's been busy doing homework and playing x-box with roommates. I'm sure his gone to a few parties too! He can't believe how nice everyone is and everybody gets along! He'll be home next weekend as he'll work on Saturday!
So we are just hanging this weekend. I've sewed some tote bags and wallets. I"m trying to make a purse now for Kay. Kay decided not to continue playing field hockey. I think it was a hard decision for her, but one that she needed to make. This family isn't into adults hurting children or playing head games and field hockey was certainly doing that to her. She's much happier and starting to relax a little more everyday! We are so proud of her making this decision. Life is too short to be around negative people or people who truly don't bring you happiness! You go Kaylee!
Hope everyone is having a super weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Christmas Block Swap

Presents in the mail! Yahoo! I joined a Christmas Block Swap and these two blocks are from Amy! Love them! Can't wait to get the others. These are two projects I've been working on this week. Made a small tote bag with a matching key ring! Cute! The other one is a larger tote bag in Amish colors. I might send that one to my Amish penpal/friend in Ohio!
And this is Mylo! He was just outside running and came in pooped! I think he misses the kids being around. He loves to read any magazine/newspaper that we leave on the coffee table! Or should I say chew! Oh, well..we love him anyways!

Have a great day!