Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Columbus Weekend at Normandy Farms

We went camping this past long weekend with my sister Sharon and her gang. We had great weather..little chilly but overall great time. We went apple picking, ate dough boys by the fire and Dad, Mom and Hazel came for dinner on Sunday. One family had about 10 pumpkins carved out!
The gang having dinner on Sunday. Jared came home on Sunday and spend two nites with us. It was wonderful having him home. It's strange not having him home everyday now.

Here's Kay and Travis when we were apple picking. Oops..Kay - open your eyes!

Like Father - Like Son. Here's my brother-in-law, Shawn and my nephew, Gavin fishing at the pond. No fish were biting..just pondweed! LOL

Here we are apple picking. We just wanted to walk around with Sharon and gang, but the lady at the farm stand we can't do that. We have to buy a bag and apple pick! We couldn't walk around with them? As you can see..I'm still a little upset by it! We did have fun tho. Apple crisp anyone?
Happy Fall

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