Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quiet Weekend

This is my nephew, Gavin, who turned two! Here's apic from his birthday day. Sorry its so blurry. He's looking at a new puzzle he got from Grammie Lee! This guy stayed at college for the weekend as he doesn't have the holiday off. He's been busy doing homework and playing x-box with roommates. I'm sure his gone to a few parties too! He can't believe how nice everyone is and everybody gets along! He'll be home next weekend as he'll work on Saturday!
So we are just hanging this weekend. I've sewed some tote bags and wallets. I"m trying to make a purse now for Kay. Kay decided not to continue playing field hockey. I think it was a hard decision for her, but one that she needed to make. This family isn't into adults hurting children or playing head games and field hockey was certainly doing that to her. She's much happier and starting to relax a little more everyday! We are so proud of her making this decision. Life is too short to be around negative people or people who truly don't bring you happiness! You go Kaylee!
Hope everyone is having a super weekend!

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