Monday, March 9, 2009

Where is Spring?

Woke up this morning to it snowing! Where is Spring? I think we have had enough of winter already.
This weekend I went to a benefit for a classmate who is going through leukemia treatment. It was nice seeing some classmates from long ago and catching up on what everyone is doing. We've turned out to be ok adults!
Saw the three Metcalf boys! They sure do keep ya busy. Little Gavin, is 18 months old, and is always on the go. He loves to be outside with his older brothers.
Sewing for the weekend was minimal. I did repair one of Jareds spring jackets and hem a pair of his pants. I finished another small tote bag and made some wrist cuffs (quilters version of a bracelet)!
If your having sun today, send it our way!
Happy Spring!

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