Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I can't believe I haven't posted since July? Where is the time going? This is what has happened since the last post!

We put our house up for sale and so far we've had one offer, but it was extremely low. So we are hoping that someone will come love it us as much as we do before the snow hits.

Both kids have gone off to college. Our daughter, Kaylee, hasn't had the best time with her roommate and has asked to change rooms, but she won't be able to until the beginning of the year. So she has been coming home on the weekends to get some much needed rest.

John has been getting better and better with his short term memory since his fall this past winter. He is still tired by the end of the day, but the doctors have said this is normal.

I got a job working for a small company doing Jill of all trades type of stuff which I love. I never know what I'll be doing and I'm not doing the same ol thing all day long. Little office stuff, shipping, etc.

As far as sewing, I haven't done that much. I had to pack up the sewing room and make it back into a bedroom for the showings of the house. I sure do miss sewing. With Christmas right around the corner, I might have to use the kitchen table and we can eat on our laps! LOL

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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  1. Hopefully a better house offer will come in soon. I'm with you on sewing at the kitchen table. My sewing room has slowly been turning into a storage room, so now I have my machine sitting on the floor in the corner right next to the table. Surprisingly, my little boys haven't tried to touch it. While they love to take stuff apart, they know that no one messes with mama's sewing machine!