Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Send a Card

I've been feeling downlately with it still being cold here and snow still on the ground. I want Spring to hurry up at get here!

Then I ran into this blog, Its called 2 kids, a mini-van, and a mortgage! What a great title! Well, their 5 yr old daugther, Lucy, has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. She's had one surgery, but has a long road of chemo and radiation. Life sure did slap me in the face when I read the blog. If you read the blog, they give an address where you can send Lucy a card!

I went into the sewing room and made her a pillowcase and some doll dresses. I'm learning to be more grateful!

Hope your having a great day!

1 comment:

  1. i just noticed you posted on Lucys blog. did you happen to see the post before yours from that awful woman who stated Lucy passed away? I certainly hope that is not the truth. and she said some mean things about the family simply for a sticker on Lucys bike in a past picture. I am sickened to my stomach. I found her blog a few days ago and have been following since.