Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping with the Nephews!

My sister Sharon, her three boys and I went camping this past Monday thru Thursday. We had one beautiful day, Monday, and then the rest was rain! OMG! On Wed. afternoon we had a tornado warning so we went up to the Rec Hall and played Candy Bar Bingo while the storm went over us.
We had one fire on Monday nite where we made our dough boys and s'mores! Hopefully the sun will come out sometime for us New Englanders so we can have a good summer.

Hope your all having a great summer. Send some hot weather and sunshine our way!


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  1. Where did you camp? I'm looking for a great spot for my daughter and I in August for a few days - either Vermont or NH. I am thinking about "Camping on the Battenkill" but it looks kinda "commercial" when all I really want is peace and quiet and MAYBE a place to kayak? I don't care if there's a rec hall or games or anything - we both are readers who don't really need much outside entertainment. If you have any good campground suggestions in those two areas, let me know? Sorry you had so much rain - that's tough when you're camping with little ones. It has FINALLY stopped raining here in Western NY. Thank goodness for the sunshine!